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LILLE Peel Off Modeling Mask
The starting point for creating facial beauty.

Increase your charm with 100% natural extract with carefully selected and manufacturing by innovative France technology, with innovations that use natural glucose as the basic substrate for gentle facial skin care.Resulting in a mask provides soft care with satiny and delicate touch for all skin types. It creates a seal between mask and your face for restoring softness and moisture , provides relaxation along with pushing vitamins and minerals into the skin with the perfect combination with brown algae extracts, fruits and plants, a secret formula from France for deeply rejuvenation and adjust the skin condition to be perfect, elastic and naturally strong.

Mask Powder

Mineral Water

How to use it 

Pour the mask powder and mineral water into the lid.

Use the spatula to stir quickly together until getting a creamy texture (be careful of the mask powder If clouding, avoid inhalation)

Use a spatula to apply the mask all over your face within 1-2 minutes and then leave for 15 minutes. The mask will set into a soft, thick sheet.

Feel a change after peel off the mask (In the area that is firmly attached, pat the water out again)

Tips: Use at least 2-3 times a week. Or as often as needed Warning: Avoid contact with eyes . If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with clean water. Amount used: 1 time (Single Use Mask)

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