We are striving to select finest ingredients, superior technology and create innovations in the development of skincare products “with customer-centric in our mind to achieve premium quality products that are well recognized internationally especially Asia”. Our products are good value and accessible to most people. We make a commitment to deliver great customer experience in beauty skincare around the world”


LILLE is the name of a city at the northern tip of France with the Deûle River flows through.

It is recognized as the important historical city and archaeological site, and highly regarded as the cultural capital of Europe; hence, we use this city name to represent our image of aesthetic and beauty.



Imply being professional in skincare. Therefore our products are contained with only meticulously selected ingredients that is high quality and safe, developed innovatively with customer-centric in our minds. We are committed to put 100% of our hearts to deliver great customer experience to ensure they obtain only the best products and services from us.

The symbolic represents the world with river flows . It means we will develop skincare products that deliver moisture, nutrient abundance, and healthy skin to customers around the world. Therefore, all products under the brand name LILLE PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE are meticulously selected and innovatively developed with good quality and are ready to deliver to customers for nourishment, protection, regeneration and caring of their skin for skin beauty and perfection with international recognition.